Tuesday, July 5, 2011

500 More Days of... Summer?

LOL nahh jaykay...

I'm SUCH a good best friend!

xoxo, J-nelly

1st Car Break-down Ever

This 4 of July weekend was quite the eventful one!


Aaron (Austin's bro) & Brelyn got married!

All day friday I watched all the kiddos while they all went through the temple.

Then that evening was the reception!

Everything turned out perfect, and soo cute, and they looked ahh-mazing!

It was way fun seeing all our hard work finally put together.

I just love the new Mr. and Mrs. Sargent.


The annual LeBaron family reunion at our cabin was this weekend,
but since the wedding was on friday,
me and Kimri went up saturday with our cousin Laura and her hubby, Dallin.

All was going great, but then the car broke down.

As the title of this blog post says... yeah it was my first.

Kimri was a pro at this though, telling us that this happens every family trip she takes.

Sweet Laura was prepared with snacks, so since we couldn't make it to the cabin, Kimri made one out of pretzels.

And she made our names.

Luckily, they had AAA, and we eventually were towed to a gas station...

where these guys rescued us!

Haha good ole Dougie and Uncle Larry (Laura's dad) saved the day and drove us the rest of the way to the cabin.

(PS: Don't you just love the reunion shirts?)

So yeah, we eventually made it and had a grand ole time at the reunion for the rest of the day!


xoxo, J-nelly