Sunday, January 27, 2008

In honor of President Hinckley

President Gordon B. Hinckley, the president of the LDS church, passed away tonight around 7:00 pm. He was 97 years old. He served the Lord as our church president for over 12 years. We will all miss him very much, but it's good that he is in a beautiful place with his wife now. I feel blessed that I was able to meet him before he died. I love him so much and I can't wait until I will be able to see him again. 

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Snow trip!

A couple weekends ago, the youth in my ward went on a snow trip up in Heber. The girls spent the night in a cabin and it was a lot of fun! We just hung out and did skits and talked and ate and stuff like that at the cabin. Then when we went to the snow the next day, we met up with the guys and we went sledding, tubing, made snow angels, and spun on the ice haha :) Here are some pictures from the cabin and on the ride home. (We were the party car)



Thursday, January 24, 2008

I have pictures too!

Since I have like no pictures whatsoever, I am going to share SOME of my besties. (I'll put more on later)


KALEY PLOWMAN (yeah we've been friends for quite a few years haha)





Tuesday, I danced during half time at the Highland Varsity Basketball game! It was a hip hop dance to a mix and it was lots of fun. I love performing. Oh, and we won... of course :)

Where does the good go

Sooo I did end up dropping Honor's English and I like regular english soooo much better! It's way easy. And I got all A's and B's on last semester's report card. It got way to stressful during finals time but It's a new semester now! Not only is it a new semester, but a new year with new goals and new resolutions. It always feels good starting new.

For this year some goals are:
-get my splits
-get my licence
-get in shape
-eat healthier
-finish my personal progress
-be more positive
and some other stuff but they're a little more personal

This new year has been pretty good so far, but like always, there has been some not so great stuff but oh well. I try to be happy most of the time!

Oh I forgot to say but I got a new phone for Christmas with... TEXTING! I got the pink Venus. It's so cool and I love it and I love texting. So much. Haha.

I also signed up for EFY a few days ago and I am so so excited for it!! I'm rooming with Amanda Porter and we're grouping with Keisha Voorhees and Jaclyn Flaherty! Oh my goodness it's going to be soooooo much fun!!!!

Also, in November, I went to the Hannah Montana concert with Aspen and Kassidy Waddell and Carson Gooch. It was seriously the BEEEEST concert EVER! No joke. It was so much fun! And one of the best parts was the Jonas Brothers performed there too and they are freaking hothothot. We were RIGHT by the stage. We had amazing seats and it was just a blast!

Hopefully this year will be a good one! I love you all and I will blog again later :)