Friday, August 12, 2011

The Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Monday, I got my wisdom teeth removed.

Ohh the fun that was.

Luckily, I have a wonderful BFF named Misty who came with me and my mom and video taped me all looped up and took care of me.

Best caregiver EVER.

I apparently was super emotional and would be super happy and giggly one minute,
and the next, I would break down in tears.

The worst part was deff the IV.

I cried before it, during it, and after it just thinking about it.

I am a trypanophobic, which means I have a needle phobia.

After things got a little clearer for me,
I looked at my photo booth on my computer to find some super cute pics I took when I was high.

There was a bunch of me touching me numb bottom lip and the place where my IV was.

I did, however, enjoy the company that brought me some yummy goody goods and just hung out with me :)

My little bro thought I was pretty darn funny.

Click here for a little taste of what I was like after my surgery.

xoxo, J-nelly

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mommy for a Weekend

This past weekend from thursday to sunday, I played mommy for 4 kids while the rest of the fam went to Cali!

I babysit them all the time, but this was the longest I've ever babysat, and it was a LOT of work.

But it was super fun!

And I feel kinda cheesy saying this, but it was a really good experience for me.

Thursday, I took the kiddos over to my house and that night took the little girl (my best friend) to a wedding reception.
Despite her face in the pic, she looved it!

They totally crashed when we got back home.

Friday, we mostly just hung out at home, until that night we went swimming at their "Buck Buck's" (other g-ma's) house.

Saturday, first, we went to Chick-fil-a and I let them play in the play place.
After, we went to a gelato place where they had a little room where you could draw with chalk on the walls.
The kids actually liked this better, funny enough.

After gelato, we went home and had "quiet time" while the baby took a nap.

When he woke up, we saw a movie at the Picture Show and all the kids sat through the whooole thing!

When the movie ended, we went inside the mall and I let the kiddos play in the play area.

That place scared the crap out of me.

Soo many kids.

They loved it though.

The baby would not get off this lady bug. It was so funny!

After the mall, I took them to my house and just fed and bathed them there.
Since they didn't have their pjs, my mom let them borrow my brother's old shirts.
They thought it was pretty funny and kept telling each other that they were wearing dresses.

Sunday, I took them to my ward and they did pretty well!

I was actually kinda sad for the rents to come back home that night.

I just looove these kiddos so much and I loved watching them!

xoxo, J-nelly

Monday, August 8, 2011

Farewell Elder Biggs

A couple weeks ago, my last BFF left on his mish.

He is going to Mendoza, Argentina, which is the same exact mission that Elder Sargent is in!

I am way excited for him, but I miss him tons and just miss all my bestie boys in general.

Before he left, we did some prretty fun things!

They helped me study for my Bio final

We went to Lolo's

We went on a 2:00 am hike up Silly Mountain

We stayed up all night playing games and stuff

xoxo, J-nelly

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oceanside 2011

This summer I brought along my BC4L, Kimri, on our annual beach house trip!

It was soo fun and I deff did nawt wanna leave.

Because I had summer school, me and Kimri flew there a few days later than everyone else and got there monday night.

So tuesday was our first beach day!

Wednesday, we went took away Kimri's SeaWorld virginity. She LOVED it. And basically started crying when she saw Shamu.

Thursday was more beach and family pics!

(My BFF/cousin Hadley)

(Some of my cuh-razy cuzzies)

Friday, MORE beach. And I got to hang out with my BCF JeNeale!!
It was soo good to see her and hear about EVERYTHING!
I just really love her. A TON.

And saturday, we had to leave :(

It was deff a super fun vaykay.

xoxo, J-nelly