Friday, November 18, 2011

1 YEAR + Breaking Dawn part 1 :D

Well, yes. As of yesterday, my bestie missionary guy has officially hit his one-year mark.


I'm feelin' pretty good, knowing it's halfway done.

But now, I've gotta do that all over again ha.

It's crazy to think that even after a year of not seeing him, we are still BFFs and I STILL miss him, every day.

He's awesome.

On another note...I went to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn part 1! (Of course I did.) 

I went with my mama and I absolutely LOOOVED it!I am a major major fan.Jasper was the BEST.TEAM JASPER 4 LYFE <3Quote of the night: "Possibly." -Jasper Hale

I left the red eye because I kinda look like a vampire :}

xoxo, J-nelly