Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Argentina Jealousy

My dear, dear friend Anna, who just happens to be half Argentine, has a grandmother who lives in Mendoza, Argentina...

Which just so conveniently happens to be the place that Elder Sargent is currently serving on his mish!

Well, she told me she was going to visit her Abuela this summer.

And since Anna is basically the best person ever, she told me I could send a package for my best elder with her and she would find him and give it to him!

Soo Austy's mom and I each put together some stuff for him.

And Anna delivered the goods!

Apparently in Argentina, they don't have peanut butter. Aust looves peanut butter and has said before how much he misses it. So I found thee HUGEST peanut butter I could find :)

He took this pic for my brother, Nathan, because he always liked this watch haha.

Aaand he wanted me to see him in action haha.


When I saw these pics I just couldn't stop smiling.

And I'm not gonna lie... my bestie missionary looks soo good :D

Oh how I envy Miss Anna D'Ambrosio!!

xoxo, J-nelly

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Go Hair, Go!

                   October                                                          May

I just want everyone to see how much my hair has grown since October. 

I am so proud :)

Keep on growin' baby!

xoxo, J-nelly